Mens Hair Removal

How Laser Hair Removal Can Benefit Men -While it may seem more common for women to use spa services to remove unwanted hair, men usually have more body hair to deal with and yet do not consider professional removal as often. At All About Massage Day Spa, we are able to help you to thin out some of your hairy areas, such as the chest, stomach, neck, back, legs, arms, face and swimsuit areas, or completely remove all the hair if that is what you prefer.

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Q&A with Kevin, a satisfied Laser Hair Removal client
What was your Initial reason for trying laser? Everyone is self conscious about different things. For me it is/was hair on all areas of my back and parts of my face. For years I shaved what I could reach(which made things progressively worse) and would ask my wife to get hard to reach areas prior to any activity that required my shirt off. That in itself was embarrassing and certainly not very romantic lol. After several  years of this I decided to research and seek out a more permanent solution.

What keeps you coming back?   It takes several treatments (about 9-12 for me) over many months depending on several factors) to see great results. Roxanne is very professional knowledgeable and great to work with given it is such a personal and sensitive subject. She makes me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process. The pricing is also competitive especially during sales. Investing in the latest laser technology also is attractive knowing I will get the best results available.

Do people notice that you have had laser hair removal? Well, they certainly don’t see hair on my back when swimming working outdoors or getting a massage which makes me feel good. Again, to each their own as it’s a very personal choice. There's nothing wrong with body hair, it is simply an investment I am willing to make in order to improve my own self image. The facial beard sculpting is definitely noticeable and creates a nicely defined beard line.

What would you like to tell other men considering this? Do it for yourself only. If any hair on your body bothers you enough, this is a great solution to remove it. . Be patient, it takes time and several treatments . You may even need to go back for a couple follow up sessions. “It hurts like Hell, but it works” is something I always say. It truly is a “no pain, no gain” situation. Set-up an initial consultation with Roxanne and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose, except hair.

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At All About Massage Day Spa, we are here to assist you with all of your grooming and manscaping needs. From waxing, sugaring or laser hair removal we've got you covered (or uncovered!).

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What should you expect from a treatment?

You will be in a private room to receive your treatment, which will consist of handheld laser handpiece going over the area to be treated. The area will need to be shaved the day before your treatment.

It is recommended that you come in for at least 6 treatments, depending on how much hair you have in the area you want it removed, and how much of the hair you want removed. You will have to come between 8 and 12 weeks between treatments. Each treatment can take between 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the area.

Are There Any Side Effects?

You may have some redness of the skin immediately following your treatment, which is temporary. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles without damaging the skin surrounding it, so it almost impossible for anyone to know that you have had a treatment. Our Cutera Excel HR has a cooling tip that helps to lessen the discomfort during treatment. All in all, it much less painful than waxing.

Don't wait until the hair turns grey! The hair needs pigment to be picked up by the laser. Get started now!

GQ states "For most men, body grooming involves walking a delicate line between looking like a caveman on the beach, or a member of One Direction. Then there are the more...nitty-gritty aspects of grooming, involving places where the sun don’t shine, and even some you’ve probably never considered before. Body hair is a matter of preference— both yours and your partner’s."1

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1GQ's Comprehensive Guide to Body Grooming.