Sugar Hair Removal


Hair removal with sugar is an ancient technique that is regaining popularity as it is much more gentle on the skin than waxing. The sugar product used does not adhere to live skins cells, so when removed it only gently exfoliates the dead skin cells. Your skin is left undamaged and silky smooth!

The sugar is also removed in the natural direction of the hair growth, and the technique used to apply it also allows the sugar to seep into the hair follicle, assisting with the gentle removal.

These two factors result in a much less painful procedure for our clients compared to wax removal. Add that fact that the sugar is water soluble and easy to remove, and you now have an effective and more comfortable hair removal option!


  • Eyebrows $15
  • Upper lip or chin $15
  • Upper lip and chin $22
  • Eyebrows & upper lip $22
  • Eyebrows, upper lip & chin $31
  • Side of face $22
  • Full face (no eyebrows) $45
  • Full face (with eyebrows) $53


  • Arms $32
  • Half arm $25
  • Underarm $16
  • Half legs $41
  • Upper or lower legs & bikini $70
  • Full legs $75
  • Full leg and bikini $95
  • Bikini lines $38
  • Lower back $32
  • Full back $55
  • Chest $48
  • Linea $32
  • Fingers & toes $5

We also offer waxing services.

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