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Spirituality and You Health

Have you ever thought about spirituality as a component to your overall health? People say to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. What does spiritual health even mean?

Spirituality refers to a broad concept with various interpretations, though it often has something to do with a search for something bigger than ourselves. Not necessarily religious, spirituality focuses on the origins and meaning of life, whether that’s from a god, gods, or other forces. 
There are many ways to connect with one’s spirituality. Whether that’s meditating, going to church, or living mindfully, what spirituality means to one person is different from another. Meditating can help one’s self connect with reality. Living mindfully can have various meanings, usually involving being present in the moment and grateful for life’s abundance, appreciating even the little things you have. 

Practicing spirituality can be a great way to de-stress and find a sense of purpose in one’s life. There are so many concepts and practices to explore to become spiritual, with the most important aspect of any component being its ability to contribute to your health; spirituality should be uplifting and meaningful, not a tedious task that creates more stress. 
So whether you try meditating for the first time, begin to consciously be grateful for the food you are consuming, or make time to connect with those who inspire and motivate you, there are a plethora of ways to start your journey to spiritual health.

Bobbi DeisingerComment